Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Anyone can make music, here's how to get started

So, all these countless bands on Myspace, they don't all get studio time do they?

As I've said in a previous post, there are just too many bands out there. They all have music up on the Myspace player, sometimes good, sometimes awful. If you've ever wanted to know how easy it is to get some of your own music up there, here's how.

So, you're going to music college?

There are a lot of popular music colleges and courses popping up with a variety of performance courses for modern musicians. Some look a lot like a school for wannabe rockstars, but will they actually get you success in the music industry?

So, you want to start a band?

Everyone dreams of being a rockstar. I still have that dream. I have a band and I'm still reaching for the sky.

The only problem is, there are too many bands out there - and you think YOUR band is going to be the next big thing? Good luck.

There is a ray of hope. Read and consume.

NICKELBACK - The good, the bad, and the suck

Nickelback are my favourite band to talk about. Why is that?

Because everybody hates them. So much.

I know exactly why everyone hates them. I know all the songs they hate. I hate some of those songs too. You can't get past the fact that some of those songs are really contrived and awful.

So why post about this band that everybody hates?

Well, to put it bluntly: I fucking love Nickelback.

Oh, here's your new favourite song

I heard it on the radio a bazillion times.

Metallica vs Megadeth

Wait...did I just go there? I think I did.

In all manner of speaking, this is the musical equivalent of the Mac vs PC debate. There is no conclusion, each side has fanboys with massive raging hard-ons for their chosen side, and everybody is wrong.

So lets have some fun.

Three reasons why people hate music, and why they're doing it wrong.

Subtitle - FLAME ME

Of course, always remember that these are my opinions. I believe in them myself, but they are still mine, and I don't necessarily believe that they should be yours. But I still think I have a point.

We've all heard these before, probably when telling somebody about your new (or long time) favourite band, or when getting to know somebody and the conversation turns to music.

However, they're all doing it wrong. This may be a long post...

Everybody's perception of music is wrong!

But mine is right.

How many people do you know who have this view on the music that they love? How many of them are metal fans?

Of course, its more than metal fans. In fact, its most fans of most music, but especially the ones that like one genre more than the others.