Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Everybody's perception of music is wrong!

But mine is right.

How many people do you know who have this view on the music that they love? How many of them are metal fans?

Of course, its more than metal fans. In fact, its most fans of most music, but especially the ones that like one genre more than the others.
But its to be expected, if you think about it. If someone likes one genre more than the others, and they listen to that genre most/all of the time, then that'll pretty much sum up what music is and should be to that person.

These people are closed minded.

Or rather, these people choose to be closed minded. And there's nothing wrong with that!

I only find fault with being closed minded when they talk to other people who don't share the exact same closed mindedness. What happens here is not just limited to closed minded music fans - it happens with people who have closed minded religious, political or spiritual beliefs, people who are closed minded about anything.

They attempt to force their closed mindedness onto you

And that, my friends, is doing it wrong.

Everybody is like this though. I'm like it sometimes. You probably are, even if you don't admit it. The best way to avoid being a closed minded douchebag then, is to be aware that other people are different. Some people actually like what they listen to. And those same people actually don't enjoy what you listen to.

All these mysteries and more explained in this very blog.

Ain't that grand.

Keep loving music,

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  1. I agree with most of your posts so far. Sick of most people's closed mindedness. Obviously I agree with the elitists that Zeppelin, Sabbath, Beatles and Floyd are fantastic, but the second I mention that I still like Blink 182, I'm always gonna be labelled the mong who likes Blink 182. Anyways, I'll check out some of your future posts.