Sunday, 2 May 2010

Do you think that arguing about music is actually really pathetic?

Even though I love doing it on a daily basis, as do millions of people around the world, its really quite funny how silly a pastime it is. Loads of people are passionate about the music they love, and are equally passionate about denouncing the music which they hate, music which is awful and should be wiped off the face of the earth.

But again I have to ask the question: What is music? What exactly are we arguing about when we argue about music?

Basically, there are people making noises using things. People argue because some people make different noises with their different things to other people making noises with things. Some noise is different to other noise. You may as well argue that Hugh Laurie's speaking voice is catagorically 'better' than Stephen Fry's, or that the sound of nails on a chalkboard is inherently more pleasurable than the dying screams of your firstborn child.

But they're really just noises that are made by things. Sounds, vibrations, oscillations. We've come to a stage where we as humans can translate feelings and emotions channeled through these things that make sound, whether they be pianos or vocal chords, and digest them as 'music'.

I'll let you decide whether my point is valid or not. Just remember - next time someone claims that the noises they expose their ears to are better than the noises you expose your ears to, ask yourself if that is a valid reason for two people to be arguing.

Personally I think the time could be better used just listening to the damn noise.

Keep loving noise,


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